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Open Door Partners: Working together to prevent crimes against real estate agents.

Open Door PartnersProfiled in USA Today, REALTOR® Magazine, and The Chicago Tribune:

Real estate agents are often asked to show a property to an unknown person.  If their office isn’t nearby, many will skip the safety of the office visit and just run out to show the home.

From brokerages to title, escrow, builders, and lending offices:  As an industry, we’re using our collective office space to ensure agents can always meet a new client and verify their ID at a nearby, convenient, professional office instead of at a vacant home.  We’re banding together and committing to an Open Door policy.

Safety First – Competition Second

Open Door offices welcome real estate agents from any company to meet new clients in their reception area for a safety check-in.  There’s no need to provide meeting space or take on additional costs–just allow for a quick meeting at the front desk.  The threat of being observed in a public professional environment, and being required to show ID, will deter the vast majority of criminals who would seek to harm our associates at a remote location.

Why Do We Need Open Door Partners?

..and many, many more crimes committed against real estate agents who were simply doing their jobs.

“I’d be happy to show that home to you. We have a new national safety policy for real estate agents, so I need to meet you at a nearby office, verify your ID, and we’ll go take a look at it.”

It’s that easy. As long as we have access to enough offices, we have the tools to deter criminals and to provide service to new clients in a convenient location. Open Door Partners have a policy of identifying potential customers in a public place before showing them real estate. With your help, we can make it a national standard.

Are you ready to be part of the solution?

– Join Open Door Partners –

Open Door Partners is a voluntary partnership of real estate industry professionals.  Visitors to Open Door offices should always contact the office first to verify its availability. For more information, contact Sam DeBord, 2016 VP-Elect of Seattle King County REALTORS®, at 206-658-3225.

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