Open Door Partners on a Large Scale: Lenders Partnering With Realtors

We’ve had two lenders who’ve taken their relationship with Open Door Partners to the corporate level. We’d like to thank them, and provide their forward thinking as an example to others looking to partner with Realtor.

Land Home Financial and Fairway Independent Mortgage have signed up dozens of their offices as Open Door Partners. They’re pushing the message from corporate down to their individual offices. We love our single-office partners, and the help of these larger organizations to bring visibility to our opportunity is great.

Land Home Financial Services submitted a list of its 62 offices to us and all were immediately available to Realtors across the country to use as a safe check-in location when meeting unknown clients. Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation has created a steady stream of offices signing up, with dozens already on the map and more showing interest.

Partnering with real estate agents to grow our businesses and promote safety is a win-win.

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